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Through decisive action
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I'm willing to bet that you already have an idea, perhaps even a plan and funding in place. The market is saturated with many great ideas, but most are following the same cookie-cutter strategies that were successful decades ago for MAANG companies. However, these strategies haven't consistently produced groundbreaking results.

Now, having a good idea and following the same patterns may not be enough. When everyone is doing the same thing, it becomes statistically improbable to disrupt the market. This is when the next steps become extremely challenging. While everyone is following one path, you'll need to take a different route to distinguish yourself and resonate with your target audience.

Furthermore, navigating these next steps can be even more challenging without the proper guidance. That's where I come in.

You need a small team of experts to rapidly develop your new app idea while working within a reasonable budget. With our decentralized team of software avengers, we can help you achieve that. My expertise lies in application development, project scoping, market analysis, and technical coaching.

I should introduce myself

In 2007 the world was on the cusp of a technological revolution. It was the year the iPhone was released, marking the beginning of a new era. The dot-com boom had been significant, but now we were entering an age where we would essentially become borderline cyborgs, carrying powerful devices in our palms, as we journeyed through space on a tiny rock called Earth. This period was a pivotal time for many, including myself.




App Development

Are you at the dawn of your entrepreneurial journey, fueled by a groundbreaking idea? It's time to catapult your vision beyond the realms of the ordinary. You're not just looking to upgrade from a standard app builder; you're poised to elevate your project with a bespoke, turbocharged solution.  

Or maybe you need engineers with navy seal like precision to jump into product feature work to help enable your development teams meet those aggressive KPIs!


Product Scoping

If you've got a brilliant idea and a well-defined MVP, you're already halfway to success. Let's take it to the next level, together. We specialize in crafting an intricate project scope, tailored precisely to your vision. But that's not all – we'll also develop a meticulously detailed budgeting plan, ensuring every stakeholder, every resource, is perfectly aligned and accounted for. With us, it's not just planning; it's strategic orchestration for success.



It's time to rise above the rest in today’s ultra-competitive landscape. Whether you're scaling professional heights or navigating entrepreneurial uncertainties, we're here to be your guiding star. Get ready for unfiltered, constructive feedback that cuts through the noise – honest, direct, and precisely what you need to hear. But we don’t just stop at feedback; we equip you with a robust action plan, meticulously designed to catapult you towards your professional aspirations.



A few of the specialties I've acquired over the years


DevTalk - Podcast - Cover - 1080x1080.png

Joey Padot, FL

“One of the things that impressed me the most about Lenaire was his willingness to expand his knowledge and skills"

Fred Koehler, FL

"The wisdom he's shared with me about the design / dev process has been instrumental to my thinking and our trajectory."

Juan Rada Leon, NY

“Wivvlenaire is a great team player and he always goes above and beyond to ensure that projects are delivered with high quality. His positive attitude and dedication to his work are truly inspiring.”
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